FAQ -Liss Brazil – Nano Protein / Vegan Keratin Treatment

Q. What is Keratin / Nano Protein Straightening Treatmtent ?

Human hair is made of keratin, and the fixation of fibre shape involves the reduction and reformation of new disulphide bonds between keratin molecules, during a straightening treatment those bonds will be softened and realigned in a straighter new shape. Hair cuticles will be sealed, and shine will be reflected. Giving you friction and frizz reduction and straighter softer hair that is easier to manage

Q. What are the difference between the treatments ?

Our  Nano protein is a vegan product, the name “keratin” is due to product working in hair keratin structure .

Contrary to misinformation spread on internet , all keratin / organic / nanoplasty / ecoplasty / powerplasty /enzimotherapy /bioplasty (or whatever name they might use)  treatments are PROGRESSIVE treatments that have an acid blend that will work on the hair keratin structure (since the name ) as the main ingredients is the same. what is different in between treatments are added extras, consistency and concentration. however the mechanism of action in the hair is the same due to all having the same active ingredient, what makes the hair straighter is the glyoxilc acid and not the added extras.

LISS BRAZIL is made with the highest allowed strenght for maximum results, being able to straighten most hair types up to 100% in one go (in conjunction with good tools and techniques )

its Formaldehyde free and it has a Vergan formulation

Q. Will it damage my hair ?

No. The process involves reintroducing and infusing additional nutrients to the hair, restructuring disulphide bonds ,introducing aminoacids (building blocks of keratin in hair ) , making it straighter and thus reducing hair friction, thereby fortifying each strand, minimizing frizz, and enhancing overall strength. Instead of causing harm, keratin treatments can bolster the hair cuticle, provide nourishment to each strand, and augment the presence of natural protein building blocks in the hair

Q. How long does it Last?

First time it usually lasts around up to 5 months or more , its depends on your hair type and texture and after care.

its has cumulative effect on hair and builds up then after a few full treatments only regrowth and resealing of ends is needed

Q. What is the difference between acidic keratin / nano treatment and Chemical Straightening ?

Liss Brazil works by softening the disulphide bonds in each hair cuticle it does not by break and rearrange them like is usually done in the Chemical Straightening

Liss Brazil Progressive Straightening is acidic , chemical straightening is alkaline and very harsh for hair fibre

Q. How Long do I Have to wait before washing or tie my hair ?

Liss Brazil has NO DOWN TIME, you can wash the hair same day (it can be left for as long as client desires). It can be tied , curled at anytime.

Q. How long until I can dye / bleach my hair

Just one wash so hair can be neutralised to normal pH

Q. Is it safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

All of our products are safe, however as with any chemical service, pregnant or nursing women should seek the advice of their physician.

Q. Can the treatments be done on chemically treated, Highlighted, relaxed or straightened hair?

Yes. it will actually help repair the damage caused by chemical treatments. It is important to notice though that for damaged hair that tends to have cuticle missing or open (porous hair ) , after care is extremely necessary to maintain hair in healthy condition and keep keratin inside the hair.

Q. What after care should be used?

We highly recommend using one of the products on PinkChic line. as we know our products are formulated and manufactured to the highest standards and won’t strip the treatment as quick as other products.  

Q. How do I prep my hair before treatment ?

Wash the hair before shampoo only, no conditioners or oils. Our treatment works on dirty hair however the lighter the hair is, the easier the straightening process giving better results.

Q. When can I have the treatment done again ?

The treatment can not be overdone, so you can do as often as you want.

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