The best solution for frizzy and untamed hair, the real Brazilian Formulation for progressive straightening treatment.

Up to 100% straight in one single step.

0% Formaldehyde

No Down Time – Wash, tie the hair straight away

Vegan and Cruelty free




The Best Progressive Straightening Treatment !!

The real deal its here !

Achieve the perfect balance of straight, shiny, and silky hair without compromising your hair’s health. Our formula is free of formaldehyde formulated based on a blend of organic acids, natural ingredients , aminoacids and other organic compounds

LISS BRAZIL will deliver long-lasting straightening while treating and rebuilding damaged hair.

Free from formaldehyde , thioglycolate and  hydroxide

It promotes straightening and nourishment of the hair in a gentler way


  • Easy of use – Our solution is light weight, easy spreading for a fast and easy application and a smoother straightening
  • 0% Formaldehyde 
  • Organic Ingredients
  • For all hair types – Even Blondes
  • No down time, wash , tie hair same day !
  • It has cumulative effect (it is a progressive treatment, it builds up over time becoming permanent if done before treatment is out )
  • Vegan / Cruelty Free
  • Gentle formula, organic acids, natural protein and extracts recommended for any hair type

Multifunctional: Using a single product, professionals can perform different hair procedures

  • to transform it into a hair BTX just use 1 part of LISS BRAZIL to 1 part of your favourite hair mask. (proceed with normal LISS BRAZIL steps
  • For hair that already have straight ends , just use fizz Brazil on regrowth and use your favourite treatment for a deep conditioning on the ends while roots process on pausing time, after rising hair, just apply a heat protection on  ends before straightening


250mls bottle for home use will last from 2-4 treatment depending on hair type

125mls for 1-2 uses for fine to normal hair

if hair is thick the 250mls is advised !

For professionals please contact for wholesale prices




1- Shake bottle well, and 2ear gloves for application.

2- Pre-wash is not necessary  our product will work even on dirty hair, however

it is  recommended for a more maleable and easy to work hair and fresh results !

3- Apply Liss Brazil  uniformly to all the

lengths of the hair.

4- Let it act for 40 to 90 minutes, depending on hair

density and texture.

5- Rinse product from hair (water only) and dry it


6- Taking very fine strands, flat iron the hair (use  a

titanium straightener for best results) . Flat iron should

be used from 210ºC to 250ºC, around 15 passes or

more for coarser hair. Be careful with blonde and/or

porous ends.


It’s not necessary to wash after finished but it can be

done to check results.


There’s no downtime and hair can be tied, washed or

curled at any time after treatment



Ingredients Water, Cetostearyl Alcohol , Glyoxylic Acid, Lactic Acid , Hydrolzed Soy Protein , Decyl Oleate, Hyaluronic Acid, , Polyquartenium-7 ,Carapa Guianensis Oil (Andiroba), Simmondsia chinensis Oil (Jojoba ) , Cetrimonium Chloride ,Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetrimmonium Chrolide, Cetyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Benzyl Alcohol , Salicylic Acid ,Glycerin , Sorbic Acid ,Parfum 

Weight 1.0 kg

1l, 250ml, 125ml


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